BlackRVA Mission Statement

BlackRVA features an extensive guide to everything related to African American culture in The City of Richmond and its surrounding counties. It is a FREE service and provides detailed information about Black History, Black-Owned Businesses, African-American founded Charities and Non-profits, Events, and African American Culture as a whole.

BlackRVA’s sole purpose is to uplift, educate, unite, and to grow our community in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, knowledge, peaceful living, to bring back a sense of family and togetherness in the black community, and to promote Social Change!

What separates BlackRVA from similar pages and organizations is its commitment to provide all information free of charge to the community and its local business partners. Our intent is to be a unique resource and to provide useful and positive information to our readers and supporters.

*Even as our mission surrounds the African American community, BlackRVA prides itself on encouraging a strong connection of all races, backgrounds and cultures.  Our motivation is based on a social change that is necessary and much needed in OUR community and based on that necessity lays our focus. Pretty much, we love EVERYONE and it is NOT our intent to separate, but rather showcase and uplift!*

*Our goal is to not compete with other organizations in the area, but to act as a partner working towards our common goals. Our idea’s and our vision come from a positive place and we reserve the right to beat kindness and love into those that do not understand our intent.*