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DESCRIPTION: Toddlers Korner’s smaller size offers children more individualized attention and care. Divided class areas provide an environment specifically adapted to the needs of different age groups yet also allows for a bright, open, multi-age grouping atmosphere. Which is great for siblings and those new to and familiar with child care!

We believe that a well-planned and balanced program of teacher-lead and child initiated activities fosters the best out come of the developing child. The typical day supports the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, creative, and language needs of the growing child. Art, song, movement, games, stories, gross and fine motor play, outdoor activity, seasonal field trips and circle time discussion are just some of the ways we nurture development in our students.

Equipment, toys and materials have been carefully chosen to cover all aspects of play and learning, from music and books to the dramatic play area. Curriculum and materials are regularly reviewed and adjusted when necessary, to ensure the desired planned outcome is achieved.

A variety of large motor skills is critical for growth.  The outside play area is designed for structured group activities or free play thru the use of balls, jump ropes, ride on toys, bubbles and much more!

ADDRESS: 5255 S. Laburnum Ave Richmond, Va 23231

PHONE NUMBER: (804) 226-4243



HOURS: Call for operating hours.

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